Issue Crawler

July 12, 2007

Would you like to analyze WWW for a particular word (company name, issue, interesting topci) and have a visual map representing most popular sites describing this word?

 If yes, then try out Issue Crawler ( – it allows you such things.

Check out the map generated for “System Dynamics”

System Dynamics Map

The art of systems thinking

January 21, 2007

Hey there!

I am now reading a great book about systems thinking called “The art of systems thinking” by Ian McDermott & Joseph O’Connor. It introduces reader to systems thinking and is really interesting. One of the great things is that authors are using simple language to describe complex things.

So, I recommend it to everyone. Systems thinking helps us to take a look at our life, business from different point of view – from systems point of view. Systems are everywhere and in order to success we need to use systems approach when evaluating things and solving problems of everyday life.

I have heard a lot about system thinking skills from my teacher at Moscow State University, but had no idead what it means – now I do. The book is really interesting.

If anyone here is interested in systems thinking and in dynamic modelling – feel free to contact me. I am doing a research for my PHD to model business processes of my company in Ithink (software for dynamic modelling) and use this model to teach employees, project managers in particular.

Here are the links:

English version

Russian version

P.S. For all us looking for simplicity: compare the links for English & Russian versions – which link is easier, huh?