I am reading a book by Garteh Morgan called “Images of Organization” – the central idea behind this book is that we view organization from various views/metaphors, such as burocratic organization, organization as living organism and etc. And I especially liked this statement about rules in organization when viewing it from Organization as Political System metaphor: “… What is the real significance of the rules? Although their formal purpose may be to protect employees, customers, or the public at large, they alo are there to protect their creators…”. How often we observe the situation when some accident has occurred and a special commission, assigned to investigate this accident, makes conclusion that it happened because of broken rules. But, the point is, “… that broken rules that accompany that accident have often been broken thousands of times before as part of normal work practice, since normal work is IMPOSSIBLE without breaking the rules..”. Morgan is damn true, we may successfully manage projects without all those GPs and SPs of CMMI, but if we fail the project – audit team is the first to tell us that this happened because rules were broken…

I really recommend everyone to ready Morgan’s book!

Managing client expectations

January 21, 2007

Hey there!

I have recently made a presentation to one IT company about client expectations management: Managing client expectations

I will be really thankful for any comments regarding its design. This is my first try to use photos and minimize text on slide, so feel free to comment. I know there are a lot of things to improve. Come on, help me 😉

P.S. It is in Russian, but if there is a need to translate it, feel free to ask and I will do it if there is a demand