Issue Crawler

July 12, 2007

Would you like to analyze WWW for a particular word (company name, issue, interesting topci) and have a visual map representing most popular sites describing this word?

 If yes, then try out Issue Crawler ( – it allows you such things.

Check out the map generated for “System Dynamics”

System Dynamics Map


2 Responses to “Issue Crawler”

  1. Bayram,

    The issue crawler output graph and notes are very informative. But are these maps of issues or maps of the web? Have you used kartoo?


  2. Luis,

    These are maps of issues.
    I haven’t used kartoo – have just tried, it seems it is a map of the web, isn’t it? Anyway it is cool – I liked it. what is the typical usage scenario for that? Do you have any experience?

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