Classmates Visit

July 30, 2007

Classmates and our teacher

Hi everyone! I have just spent wonderful week of vacation with my classmates. I haven’t seen them for 10 years and they have vissited me here in Moscow :)) It was really great to talk about our school life, the way we joked, played & etc. We have decided to do it annually, make it a-la “Classmates Olympiad” and we will held this olympiad in each classmates current hometown. The 2008 olympiad willl be in St. Petersburg 🙂 We even plan to design a logo of current Moscow olympiad and do the same for each olympiad in future. We have even found our teacher who taught us first 3 years of our school life!

One of the problems I face when working with maintenance projects is that developed system loses its system characteristics. I mean, when maintaining systems, developers fix bugs, implement new functionality but do not think about overall system – this leads to not usable user interface, custom (non-standard) implementations of some modules & etc.

System has to be consistent – and consistency is the problem I usually face on maintenance projects

Check out this link (thanks to Guy Kawasaki): “Should You Start Your Own Work at Home Business?”

Issue Crawler

July 12, 2007

Would you like to analyze WWW for a particular word (company name, issue, interesting topci) and have a visual map representing most popular sites describing this word?

 If yes, then try out Issue Crawler ( – it allows you such things.

Check out the map generated for “System Dynamics”

System Dynamics Map

US has started campaign against products made in China. I don’t think that this is right from ethical point of view, but what opportunities does it provide to other countries?

I think Russia and other BRI (without China :)) countries may try to benefit from this – any ideas?