Social Network Analysis and Visualization

May 18, 2007

Social Network

The thing I am working on right now is social network analysis and visualization. The goal is to make a survey inside my project team and visualize the social network of interaction between my team members and customer representatives. I look forward to having those results, because I want to understand how communication is performed, evaluate risk of losing someone from this network (retired, vacation & etc.) and take some actions based on that.

Please refer to “The hidden power of social networks” book by Rob Cross and Andrew Parker.

P.S. The visualization above was taken from – you will be able to see mine when we perform the survey – hopefuly in next couple of months

3 Responses to “Social Network Analysis and Visualization”

  1. Conor Duke said

    Looks good, which tool did you use to generate the file? I am currently trying to pull together information about how information is transfered around social networks. i.e
    What are the measure of a robust social network with high levels of knowledge transmission?
    How did SNA go in the end?


  2. Hello! well, like I said, this screenshot was taken from . But, I am currently using Spring Embedder (Java program), because I am a former Java programmer and it is easier for me to use such tools. And I have requested a free copy of Negopy (, but haven’t received any response yet.
    NetDraw is also a good one.

  3. sayi said

    Hello Bayramannakov,

    Have you completed with your visualization project?
    I am doing similar academic project. i would appreciate i you can share your experiences, execution method and the questionnaire used.

    Thanks & regards
    Sayi Niranjan Gudi

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