This movie is great and the idea I talked about in “Virtual Reality to Improve Performance” post is used in this movie! 4 guys (one marketer + 3 geniuses) invented a computer without the keyboard and monitor and which costs only 99$. I really recommend this one to all!

Another idea used there: “everything genius is simple”.

Social Network

The thing I am working on right now is social network analysis and visualization. The goal is to make a survey inside my project team and visualize the social network of interaction between my team members and customer representatives. I look forward to having those results, because I want to understand how communication is performed, evaluate risk of losing someone from this network (retired, vacation & etc.) and take some actions based on that.

Please refer to “The hidden power of social networks” book by Rob Cross and Andrew Parker.

P.S. The visualization above was taken from – you will be able to see mine when we perform the survey – hopefuly in next couple of months


Was recently talking to my friend Dima and the following idea (that could be used as a slogan/introduction for future traders) came to my mind:

Commodities (C) –> Money (M) –> Commodities (C) (Karl Marx)

Why waste time and money for such “long” transformation???

Let’s make Money on Money 🙂 Join ForEx (or anything like that)

🙂 such weird things come into my mind 🙂

Family Tree

Hello, everyone!

The National Geographic Society, IBM, geneticist Spencer Wells, and the Waitt Family Foundation have launched the Genographic Project, a five-year effort to understand the human journey—where we came from and how we got to where we live today. This unprecedented effort will map humanity’s genetic journey through the ages.

You can even participate in this project – I think it is a great chance to find out more about yourself and your family history.