HBR IdeaCast 5

April 8, 2007

I have previously written about podcasts. This is really a great thing. I will be posting some excerpts from podcasts which are very interesting.

This is Harvard Business Press idea cast number 5.


  1. Negotiation – Watkins

    4 negotiation traps:

    1. Being good at capturing value, but not creating it – what you care about, what I care about & then we match these –> maximize what is possible
    2. Creating value, but not capturing – wonderful with creating new ideas, helping others reaching their objectives –> at the end those who proposed new idea are not promoted; opposite to 1; overpromise and undeliver
    3. Failing to focus on relationships – you don’t want meeting your neighbor for the first time at midnight when your house is burning – leaders are focusing on boss/subordinate, but not to colleagues. You should think of networks, not hierarchy
    4. Your reputation as negotiator is hard to get, easy to lose, hard to recover


  2. Customer satisfaction surveys

    Ultimate question for business: are we treating customers so well that they will come back? – how likely it will recommend to friend

    Top 10 why surveys don’t work:

    1. Too many questions – cartoon about (surveyor knocking doors, noone opened, so the some poor one because others not opened 10,000 questions)
    2. Wrong customers respond, right employees don’t hear the problem –
    3. Sales surveys –
    4. Make out their rules – valuable survey – clearly interpreted by everyone –> instead of one common language, every company has its own standards and measures
    5. Scores on survey don’t link to performance – rare in business.


    What can they do?

    1. Front line employees and executives – talk to customer how to make surveys valuable



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