Virtual Reality to Improve Performance

April 2, 2007

I was recently reading about virtual reality and the following idea came to my mind: “Mouse and keyboard greatly restrict our performance – we can use only a number of buttons to perform various actions on our computer. I know Apple invented mouse to allow browsing 360 degrees, not only straight to the left, right, up and down. But, what about using virtual reality to manage things on our computers?

Just imagine: we are standing in glasses and using our hands to grab documents and open with Word, send them to Trash & etc. And each our action is followed by a 3d sound! Just imagine how greatly we could improve our performance being able to do such kind of things! And, there is an etic issue being solved here – physicians will stop claiming that computer users are not physically active – we will be doing a dozen of actions using our hands (and maybe even legs) thus keeping our body in good condition.

What do you, guys, think of this? I would be really interested in talking to someone who is investigating virtual reality stuff and who could tell me where the science is in applying virtual reality to our everyday world.

2 Responses to “Virtual Reality to Improve Performance”

  1. This reminds me the film Minority Report, where Tom Cruise used just this kind of computer. It wasn’t 3D dimensional but he used his hands to control the processes on a big board.

    Also there is a fantastic thing for music makers – invented in some university (don’t remember the name) – here is the video

  2. There is also a website online which uses the concept of virtual reality and sells everything available on this planet. It is another intereting concept where people can but there dream house sell them, put them on auction and so on. There are so many possibilites.

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